(Things I didn't write, but maybe wish I had.)

Pick: Companies that use Pick
Pick: Wikipedia MultiValue
Pick: jBase - YOUR favorite multivalue flavor
Pick: OpenQM - MY favorite multivalue flavor
Pick: AccuTerm® - the BEST terminal emulator
Pick: A Brief History of NoSQL
Pick: Revolvy - Pick Operating System
Pick: Pick, Coherent, and THEOS - Multiuser systems on the IBM PC XT
Pick: The Definitive MultiValue Database Blog
Pick: JES Publications List
Pick: Manny Neira's Universe
Pick: Richard A. "Dick" Pick
Pick: Strategy 7 Corporation

*n*x: Ubuntu MATE - the BEST Linux (Trust me)
*n*x: Revolvy - Unix

Windows: Classic Shell - tame the unruly Windows menu

LeoCAD: Design virtual models you can build with LEGO® bricks

IT: Storage Bits - Robin Harris' keen insights
IT: Easy Computing Company - wizards of flash
IT: Supermicro - the servers you ARE looking for
IT: Puget Systems - for something a little different
IT: John C. Dvorak - pundit extraordinaire
IT: Hackers & Painters - expand your mind
IT: Slidenjoy (as soon as they start shipping)
IT: The Best VPN Services of 2018