(for what it's worth)

You really need to get your IQ properly tested. It can change your world.


So, it turns out that it's illegal to induct anyone into the military whose IQ is below 83, and that's a problem. Why? As Jordan Peterson points out, our society provides no options for this 15% of us who really do need to be given options.

Why do they need this?

Because they can't do it for themselves!

Perhaps we need to create an UN-armed service just for them. After all, why would you want them armed? Besides, I know, when I was in the Air Force, there were a lot of jobs so low that everyone had to be assigned (coerced into performing) those duties on a rotating (fair to all) basis. And, even then, it was only the lowest level/newest personnel assigned to such "$@!# details". Those were jobs like mowing the lawns, 'policing the area' (see, they even try to give them deceptive names to make you think that picking up the trash isn't nearly as bad as it sounds), and painting the bottom three feet of all the trees white. (No. I am not kidding.)

Why can't such people have those jobs? We could even call it, glamorously enough, the Civil Service! (Oh, wait, they already have that.) (I'm suddenly suspicious of the Civil Service.)

So, why do I mention all this?

Well, what they don't tell you is that the military doesn't want anyone with an IQ OVER a certain level either. And what is that level? I don't know. All they would tell me is "exceptionally intelligent".

But now, notice Jordan's final comments: 'If you're smart, can use a computer, better yet, even program a computer, the world is your oyster.' (paraphrasing, of course)

But is it?

Don't you need options, too?

After all, the military sure doesn't want you. Likewise the police force (as I would later learn). And, if these, two foundational institutions don't want you, what does that leave? Especially since, as he also notes, it's also illegal for firms to use IQ tests to find the best and the brightest.

The fact is that, unless you're independently wealthy, or being supported by someone else, you'll have to find a job working for someone else, just like everyone else. You'll have to make yourself into whatever cog is missing from whatever machine someone else is building, and hope that you don't end up working for someone who feels threatened by your mere presence, and spend all their time and energy trying to get rid of you rather than trying to promote you (over themselves, they fear).

And they do that, you know. Just as animals fear us because they can sense our superior intellect, because they can see by the look in our eyes that we see more than they see, that we observe, study, remember, and learn, so, too, does a certain type of person hate those more intelligent than they are. It's a kind of envy. And that envy can take on malevolent, even murderous attributes.

I've witnessed it first hand.

Strangest of all is that some of these will actually delude themselves that they're the superior ones, either by intellect, or by some strange brew of dilligence, cleverness, or speed, and that they were right to be rid of you.

And it won't always have anything to do with capability or performance, no matter what the official story is. I've personally suffered the wrath of a few different louts over the years who simply found it inconvenient to have a witness to their philandering ways. And they clearly thought they were pretty clever.

So, how do you fight back?

Should you even fight back?

Is it really worth the stress?

I've personally found it best to just move on. If they're so insecure that they need to work that hard at eliminating you, rather than allying with you, then you'll only be spending all your time countering them rather than 'moving the needle'. And that firm will suffer for it. Better they suffer without you than with you. And, if your superiors (if there is another layer above your adversary) can't see what's going on, then it's their own fault. I've seen most of the firms I've had to leave under such circumstances eventually decline, even fail. Some of them had even already begun that slide before hiring me, and I was not the least surprised to see them go once I left.

But I won't name names.


But, at some point, you want to find a place you can call home. And, unless you've won a lottery, or inherited from a rich relative, you're still in the same situation where you need to work for someone else. So, how do you escape the villains? In a world of corrupt government (and industry) and universal outsourcing, when many jobs are leaving the country, can you follow them?

Probably not.

And who's getting those jobs, if not you?

What is their IQ?

And does that really even matter anymore? Are the standards under which we labor universal? Or only applicable to us? Many, many, recent reports suggest the latter.

Have our 'captains of industry' opted for quantity over quality after all?

Could it be that the IT industry, or rather the 'corporate America' that employs IT, is shooting itself in the foot? Are they perhaps painting themselves into a corner? It sure wouldn't be the first time! But who'll wind up paying for the rescue effort? What good does it do to be a genius when you're at the mercy of a world full of ... well ... NOT geniuses?

The question may not be "Who is John Galt?", but "Where is John Galt?"

And how do we get there?

- MARS -