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Any Key

* Allows your programs to react to any key on your terminal emulation can send.

* ANY_KEY_EQU (formerly EMV_KEY_EQU)
* ANY_KEYS (formerly EMV,KEY)
* ANY_KEY (formerly EMV_KEY_GET)
* ANY_KEY_TBL (formerly ANY_KEY_BLD)
* ANY_KEY_ADD (formerly EMV_KEY_CFG)
* ANY_KEY_DEL (formerly EMV_KEY_DEL)
* ANY_KEY_RNM (formerly EMV_KEY_NUM)
* ANY_KEY_ATW enables dead AccuTerm keys

* Highly modular
* Unlikely to conflict with existing file/program names
* Simple installation
* Copy ANY_KEY programs to any source-code file
* Compile
* iii. Catalog
* d. Minimal modification required
* i. INCLUDE ANY_KEY_EQU in any programs that could benefit from the keyboard’s navigation and/or function keys
* ii. Slightly alter existing code to respond to Page-Up, Tab, Esc, etc., as well as/instead of, ‘B’, ‘N’, and ‘Q’, …
* 1. Note: You may be tempted to add features to your programs just to take advantage of some of the many keys ANY_KEY makes available
* 2. You may even want to reclaim that 24th (or 25th) row you had to sacrifice to reminding users about those old, non-standard, and non-intuitive navigation key
* iii. Recompile
* iv. Run
* v. Enjoy enhanced useability
* vi. Impress users
* e. Powerful
* i. Cross-platform compatible
* 1. Compiles and runs on ~90% of systems
* ii. Automatic emulator detection
* iii. Automatic emulation detection
* iv. Automatic irregularity compensation
* 1. Alternate home, end, delete, backspace
* v. Automatically programs AccuTerm’s dead keys, enabling the full palette of keys
* f. Safe
* i. No screen disruptions
* 1. Disruptive terminal detection steps only used in optional login script step
* 2. Only non-disruptive emulation detection methods used in absence of login script step
* ii. Captures all meta/ctrl keys
* 1. Keeps data free of hidden goblins
* iii. Eschews dangerous combinations, leaving them for the OS/Desktop environment instead
* 1. Alt+F4
* 2. Ctrl+Alt+Del
* 3. Ctrl+C
* 4. Shift+Insert